In April of 2017, the SoCal Restoration Coalition officially launched the Traffick Free Cities (TFC) project.

Over the years, we have visited massage parlors and other suspected brothels over 100 times. But we are always in uniform and have never been able to develop any cases. We welcome Traffick Free Cities to help us fight the sexual exploitation that we know is out there.
— Lieutenant, Azusa Police Department

The criminal elements of the world have discovered that exploiting young girls is both low-risk and highly profitable. The annual worldwide profits of human trafficking and pornography (another form of sexual exploitation) total over 7 billion dollars! Since the year 2000, the exploitation of the girl-child has grown to become the single most lucrative business in the world. The sexual exploitation of young women is happening in the city of Los Angeles all too often.

Our focus is on the developing Traffick Free Cities in the Los Angeles Area. On a city-wide level, the need that we are addressing through Traffick Free Cities is the future of the girl-child. We know the lower economic standard of many families results in their children being unusually vulnerable to trafficking and sexual exploitation, both the girls and the boys. Traffick Free Cities will address the need for prevention - training parents and children about the dangers of sex trafficking. TFC will meet the need of intervention - working with city officials to rescue trafficking victims. In addition, TFC will focus on the need for prosecution - working with our judicial system to bring pimps to justice. 

Perhaps the greatest need that Traffick Free Cities will meet is in the area of restoration. Our SoCal restoration Coalition will make available to TFC our network of counselors, social workers, restoration homes and faith-based individuals and organizations. Our staff has already counseled and aided a significant number of exploited young women. By focusing our efforts on Traffick Free Cities, our restoration network will "ensure more trafficking victims have timely access to services." At the same time, TFC will meet needs through prevention, intervention and prosecution.